Rules, Judges Instruction & Criteria


1. This competition combines the element of art with the technical aspect of nail structure.
2. Competitors will be scored on a combination of technical and artistic criteria.
3. The nails may have any free edge shape
4. Total time allowed for this competition is 2 hours for 1 hand
5. Competitor is allowed to choose to sculpt with gel or acrylic and the nails must be sculpted with forms.
6. Tips are not allowed
7. The competitor is allowed to use products with white, transparent pink, cover pink, clear, shimmers and glitters that have no COLOR! Metals, such as Gold or silver are allowed.
8. Design work can be applied inside the application without limitation. No artwork or embellishments on the surface allowed. The nails must feel smooth on the surface.
9. No embellishments of any kind inlaid into the application.
10. The nails will be scored in a similar manner as most artificial enhancement competitions.
11. The nails must have a distinguished appearance of a French style nail. However, the separation between pink and white does not have to be in a traditional smile line. See examples

12. There will also be categories such as creativity, artistic design and originality that will be scored.
13. The application can be designed to the competitor’s desire and ability.
14. Gel sealers or top coat must be applied
15. Electric files are allowed
16. Oil is allowed
17. Electric file oils are allowed
18. Pinching tools, c-curve sticks and all types of tools used to create a proper structure are allowed
19. The natural nail may be prepared up to the primer application
20. No pre-sizing of forms or applying of forms is allowed prior to the competition
21. Decals or pre assembled art of any kind is not allowed
22. All work must be created at the time of the competition
23. All general rules apply to this competition
24. Total possible points earned: 105
25. Criteria:

  • Convex
  • Concave
  • Arch and Apex
  • Free Edge Thickness
  • Sidewalls
  • Lateral Side Extension
  • Surface Smoothness
  • Uniformity of Nail Shape
  • Length
  • Underside
  • Cuticles Area
  • Product Control
  • High Shine Finish
  • Creativity of Design
  • Total Impression
  • Level of Difficulty
  • Originality