General Rules

1.INJA competitions are open to students and professional nail technicians.

2.The competitions are open to those who satisfy the requirements and applies to the competition properly.

3.As an international competition participant, the competitor must respect all rules and manners of competition.

4.Universal and commonsensical standards will apply to other manners or rules not specified in the INJA rules.

5.A competitor will be disqualified if they intentionally or recklessly applies to a lower division then the actual division they belong in.

6.Competitors must specify the division for each classification they are entering when the application form is completed. Once the competitor and has registered they cannot change divisions without direct permission from the head judge or INJA supervisor.

7.The competitor must enter the highest division they qualify for.

8.Due to the large attendance of international competitors, INJA and the competition’s organization is not responsible for verifying that each competitor enters into the correct division.

9.INJA and the competition’s organization reserve the right to refuse entry to any competitor.

10.There are no refunds of competition fees

11.Competition fees are non-transferable

12.All photos and videos taken by INJA and the competition’s personnel or hired contractors are the sole property of INJA and the competition’s organization to be used in whatever fashion deemed appropriate by them without compensation to the competitors and models.

13.INJA and the competition’s organization is not responsible for any competitor not adhering to or understanding all of the rules

14.Competitors must provide their own products

15.Strictly no molds that create a well-shaped nail may be used for any of the competitions.

16.In the event of a tie or of any disputes to the scoring places first through ten, the head judge will make the decision.

17.The head judges decision is final

18.Score sheets will be made available for all competitors

19.In the event that a competition only has 4 competitors, only 1st place trophy will be awarded.

20.The competition must have a minimum of 3 competitors in it. If less than 3 competitors have entered, the competitor may choose to enter into a division in the next higher division or choose to pull out of it and get a refund on the competition fees.

21.It is the responsibility of the competitor to see that the submissions arrive for scoring by the deadline.

22.The works may be delivered in the competition by a person authorized by the competitor on the date and time indicated in the agenda. The works will be collected by the same person on the date and time indicated in the agenda.

23.To deliver and collect the works it is mandatory to present:

– Entry form and participant number of the competitor.

– Copy of the competitor’s ID or passport.

– Authorization signed by the competitor.

– DNI or passport of the person authorized by the competitor.

– Proof of payment of registration fees.

24.The works can also be sent by post or transport to the indicated address.

25.The works sent by post or transport will not be returned to the competitor. Nailympion Spain will NOT return works sent by post or transport or any other similar means.

26.Participation certificates and score sheets will be sent by e-mail to all participants within 40 days after the end of the competition.

27.Prizes and medals will be sent virtually via email within 40 days of the end of the competition.

28.The awards will be announced live on social networks.

29.Virtual competitions will be for divisions 1, 2 and 3.

30.The works sent by post or transport that are not received by Nailympion Spain within the indicated admission deadline will NOT be able to participate in the championship. They will NOT be returned and registration fees will NOT be returned.

31.Works sent by post or transport must to have the registration form and the participant number printed on paper inside the box. The category to which the work belongs (Mix Media, Flat Art …) must appear on the outside of the box.

32.The works must be sent duly protected.

33.Nailympion Spain is not responsible for any damages that may be received the work during transport.

34.The last day of receipt and admission for works sent by post or transport, to the indicated address, will be on October 1, 2021.

35.In face-to-face (NOT virtual) competitions, the presence of the competitor is mandatory. These competitions are:

– French Sculptured Acrilyc.

– Ultimate Nail Art Challenge.

– Baby Boomer.

– Fantasy Total Look.

– Fantasy Tip Box.

– Living Art.

36.Competitors can participate in all virtual and face-to-face competitions.