Rules, Judges Instruction & Criteria

1. Baby Boomer Style nails are to be created. The application should have an ombre effect with the use of French shades that graduates cover (camouflage) shades into a white free edge.
2. This is a 1 hand competition
3. All shades of white and Cover pink or natural shades are allowed. Products with pearl, shimmer or other effects are allowed. Clear and transparent pink are allowed.
4. Gel and acrylic are allowed to be used.
5. These are salon style nails. The free edge may be shaped with this in consideration. Soft square, Coffin, ballerina, oval and Almond shapes are allowed.
6. The competitor may use gel and acrylic.
7. Time allowed is 1:30 hours (90 minutes)
8. Gel sealers and top coats must be applied for shine
9. Oil is allowed.
10. Water and soap may be used in finishing.
11. The competitor may choose to apply with forms or they can choose either Natural or clear tips
12. Competitors ARE ALLOWED to pre-size or cut the forms prior to the start of the competition. Doubling of forms is allowed. Metal supports are allowed and can be added to the form prior to the competition
13. Natural or clear tips or forms may be used. No white tips. TIPS MAY BE FIT AND PREPARED BUT NOT APPLIED PRIOR TO COMPETITION

14. Gel competitors must bring their own UV/LED Gel lamp.
15. Electric files are allowed, but competitor must supply their own machine, electrical cords and adaptors.
16. Electric file oil is allowed.
17. Pinching tools, c-curve stick and all types of tools used to create a proper structure are allowed
18. UV or LED lights are allowed on the table during the competition and must be provided by the competitor.
19. All general rules apply to this competition. Total points 75.
20. Criteria:

  • Convex 5 points
  • Concave 5 points
  • Arch and Apex 5 points
  • Form Fit or Tip Application 5 points
  • Free Edge Thickness 5 points
  • Sidewalls 5 points
  • Lateral Side Extension 5 points
  • C-Curve 5 points
  • Uniformity of Nail Shape 5 points
  • Length 5 points
  • Surface Smoothness 5 points
  • High Shine Finish 5 points
  • Product Control 5 points
  • Cuticle Area 5 points
  • Underside 5 points