The NIJ (Nailympion International  Judge) , is an international independent organism, which regulates the performance of Nailympion Competitions.

What does this imply?

It means the championship is carried out with the same rules and evaluation system everywhere in the world. Championships where judges know how to judge and evaluate correctly each work, with defined rules and independent from brands.

Who are the NIJ?

Professionals from the nail’s sector with professional experience and specialized formation, capable of judging and evaluating a nail correctly always following the same guidelines, depending of its style and form.

What does the NIJ course teach?

The NIJ course teaches to score a nail correctly, following the same guidelines over the world. It’s a standardized qualification system for nail competitions.

How can a professional become an NIJ judge?

He/She must have experience in this sector, be and educator and pass a judging training course, with written and practice exam.

NIJ is the nail competition authority. It’s a group of qualified professionals that have the responsibility to protect the integrity of every Nailympion competition. And also make sure that each competitor has the best appropriated judging.

NIJ strictly follows an honor code and an oath that is made before every competition. “We swear responsibility and integrity, honesty, impartiality…” The honor code is reflected in a contract signed by all NIJ judges befor the competition, who commit to make sure that everything is correct and fair in the Nailympion competition.

Breaching the code implies dishonor and the immediate expulsion from this Organism.